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In previous Ubuntu version I used Kodos extensively. But the package has been dropped in 12.10.

It's a neat regular expression testing tool. It's hard to find an alternative that is not Windows only (or Air, or uses action script which bails on more complicated RegEx, or works in Wine - well kinda, but not really..., etc.).

So I tried to install Kodos from source, which seems to work (download sourceball and but it won't run because of missing PyQT dependencies (that I can't manage to fulfill with anything install-able trough standard packages). I then tried to install PyQT manually (which seems to require manual install of SIP and QT too) and instead of pip I have to use and qmake. It throws error after error at me. I tried to overcome one after another for over an hour but no luck.

It even managed to break Calibre and Music Brains Picard. So I purged all the stuff, reinstalled python-sipand python-qt4 from the standard packages and gave up.

Has anyone managed to get Kodos running on 12.10? Or any hints on how to do it?

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Could you post the errors you get? – MiJyn Nov 29 '12 at 17:14
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You can't get it to work easily. Kodos still uses the very ancient Qt3 which is dropped in Quantal. Debian already dropped it in May. See Debian bug #604359. Quoting:

One year and a half later, it is about time to remove Qt3 and python-qt3. Please, migrate to the Qt4 version (if existing) or file for removal of your package.

Talk with the developers of Kodos in order to get it fixed. Depending on Qt3 is a dead end nowadays. And that's why installing Qt4 packages isn't helping you.

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