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i m a windows user i want to remove it and install a fresh ubuntu 12.10 version on it so i'v got some questions regarding it

Q1.what is a step-by-step procedure for offline download?

i read it somewhere that i requires some stuff from net.

Q2.what if i download .iso file from official site n install it offline will it require some other OS's stuff?

Q3. Keryx or apt-offline-gui?which is better

Q4. Guides regarding keryx & apt-offline

thank you in advance

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What do you want to achieve? In general, you can do a regular ubuntu install without internet connection if you just burn the iso to a DVD or a USB Stick.


Just don't select download updates while installing.

Sorry if I didn't get your question ...

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Buddy i meant unavailibitly of those like ubuntu restricted extras n some more like this coz i dont have a net connection – ANiK3T Nov 29 '12 at 12:35

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