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In order to debug maas, I ran the following command:

$ cd /usr/share/pyshared/maas
$ sudo python manage.py runserver (IP):8888 --settings=maas.settings

After that, I typed the url 'http://(IP):8888/MAAS/' in a firefox browser. Then the following error is shown:

A server error occurred.  Please contact the administrator.

It seems that server did not find homepage 404.html.

When I check with url http://(IP):8000(Not 8888)/MAAS/', number of nodes are increased 2 times when manager.py runserver is running.

Could you let me know how to debug maas/maasserver using pdb and django runserver ?

Thanks in advance,

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Your best bet is probably to enable the debugging options in /etc/maas/maas_local_settings.py.

What version of MAAS are you using?

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