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I'm trying to install a 64 bits ubuntu desktop 12.10 to my new asus g75vw from a dvd. Everything worked slowly but fine until it finished, then the installation program prompted me to restart.I clicked restart button after which the computer freezes and finally I have to power it off. Now I can only boot into windows 7 not grub. Where did I go wrong and how do i fix it?

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Have you tried to do another re-install? That should fix it. And are you dual booting or was a a full on install?

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I am trying to dualboot ubuntu 12.10 64bits with windows 8 64bits. Since the installation is not bootable I cant reinstall. – Will Feb 1 '13 at 16:35

Although I didn't know why. But i think it doesn't matter too much.

After the screen freeze when i click the restart button. I power the computer off. I went into the Windows 7 OS, AND add the ubuntu entry through easybcd.

Then I restart the computer, and select the ubuntu. Everything just goes fine. and I can get into both windows 7 and ubuntu systems based on my selection.

Hope that would help.

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