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I am forced to install mongodb manually on an Ubuntu server because the machine sits behind a proxy and there is no way to temporary open port 11371 for key exchange to happen. I am following this official mongoDB tutorial.

So I downloaded the tgz and extracted it in /usr/local/bin/mongodb. Where I got confused is when assigning the ownership of the /data/db to the user mongo.

  • So who creates the user mongo?
  • How to get control-scripts working?
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Not an answer to your actual question, but I suggest you look further into how to install from packages instead. This question covers how to add a GPG key when behind a firewall/proxy:… – David Edwards Nov 29 '12 at 7:58

I would recommend installing the official package, it is much easier to get started.

Make sure you correctly set your http_proxy and https_proxy in the terminal session and do whatever mentioned in the tutorial again.

I am also behind firewall (need proxy to access the Internet), everything works fine.


export http_proxy="" export https_proxy=""

And also you can use apt-get install to install MongoDB

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