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I am trying to find a simple explanation of how Ubuntu One sync works. For instance if I create a file on my computer does it automatically copy itself to the cloud or do I have to manually copy it to the cloud or to the Ubuntu One folder in my home file?

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You have to copy it to the Ubuntu One folder in your home folder, unless you changed the directory in the Ubuntu One Control panel (or you added another directory, in which case that other directory will also sync, etc...).

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Thank you but still not clear. I have a Documents directory in my Home folder, a Documents directory in Home U1, and a Documents directory in U1 cloud. What is the process to put a file into the cloud? – Peter Lamb Nov 28 '12 at 18:49
The Documents directory in your U1 home is the one that gets transferred to U1. The process is simply that the U1 daemon checks every so often for changed files in the cloud or on your U1 home (and on any other directory that you specified in the U1 control center) and transfers it to the other. I think that there is some metadata on the U1 cloud to show which directory the file goes to. – MiJyn Nov 28 '12 at 18:52

All the files and folders you put into the ~/Ubuntu One directory will always be synchronized to the server, and to any other computers you have running Ubuntu One.

You can at your discretion also choose to sync additional folders in your home directory, outside of the ~/Ubuntu One folder. Any files placed into these will sync automatically as long as the folder is subscribed to on the machine in question. You can choose to only sync these folders on some of your computers, rather than all of them, but they will not remain in sync across all of them, unless they are subscribed on all of the computers.

Ubuntu One is also not a back-up service. You cannot place files into a synchronized folder, and then delete the file from your computer after it has synchronized to the server, if you wish to keep the file. The delete will be synchronized to the server, and to all other connected computers as well. However, files deleted from another computer will not simply be deleted on your computer. They will be moved to the trash on all the computers which did not directly perform the delete action.

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Many thanks for your reply. All now clear – Peter Lamb Nov 30 '12 at 10:15

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