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When I go thru the installation wizard I don't find a driver for the P513w on the list. So I've been through all 7 (like 1100) that are on the list but none of them work. Anyone got any ideas?


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I found this: Wonderful! An Ubuntu installer for your exact printer. However, depending on your Ubuntu version, it's too old to install correctly. Notice it was built in 2009. As an experiment, I installed it on a print server I have running 10.04. In this case, it actually pays to be old!

I copied the .ppd files and zipped them and here is a link to my Dropbox public folder:

Copy the file to your desktop. Right-click it and select Extract Here. Open a terminal and do:

    sudo mkdir /usr/share/ppd/Dell
    sudo cp Desktop/Dell/*  /usr/share/ppd/Dell/

Now add your printer and select the ppd file at /usr/share/ppd/Dell/dlP513w.ppd.

I found additional guidance here:

Good luck and let us know your success!

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