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I have recently bought a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, installed Ubuntu 12.10 and everything I need works like a charm - except for the Ethernet USB dongle. Searching Google hasn't brought up any solutions or even suggestions, so I'm wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this issue?

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Looking at the output of lsusb, I did some more research and found a well documented solution, modifying an existing asix driver to support the Lenovo dongle:

Case of the Broken Linux Driver (Lenovo USB 2.0 Ethernet 10/100 dongle)

After compiling and installing the driver, the dongle now works immediately.

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Please provide the output of lsusb by editing your original question, so that others can benefit from your research and know if this solution will apply to them. – user68186 Dec 3 '12 at 17:20

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