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My wife uses LibreOffice to create catalogues of a couple hundred items and then converts it to PDF. Man we love LibreOffice! Anyway I set up Windows-7 and Mint-14-Mate dual boot for her to ease into Linux. Today she was ready for Ubuntu and so I did a clean install on her machine.

Everything was smooth but today when she tried to work she ran into an issue...

She used to be able to download a folder full of images to use in her catalogues and then update her catalogues by replacing old images with new ones. It was so simple - Open an old catalogue, save with a new date, drag and drop replace images of items that no longer exist. The drag and drop process would scale the image and then crop it horizontally or vertically to fit.

Now that I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 for her she can no longer replace images, it just does nothing... If she drags the image to the left or right of the original it appears next to the original so I know d&d works, unfortunately it does not resize or crop the image.

I tried this on my laptop and my desktop... same thing! I then tried updating the LibreOffice to 3.6, no change. I then tried opening a virtual machine windows xp and Mint 14 on this computer and tried with 3.6 in those operating systems and it worked.

Can anyone help? I have a lot of hope that there is an answer because Mint is based on Ubuntu/Debian and that distro can perform this task successfully!

Sorry about writing a book....

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