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How do I tell the ubuntu to report what app connected to the internet?

I am learning of CLI programs that report connections but an App connected to the internet and the description of it disappeared from the Terminal window before I had a chance to examine it.

I looked at the firewall log but it say nothing about what Apps are connecting to the internet. So how do I learn what App connected to the internet in the last 10 minutes or so?

Why is there no log report of what Apps are connecting to internet? How do I get this?

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There is no log like that. If there were it would be several gigs in size. Your best bet is to run something like iftop or nethogs neither of which is installed by default.

If your really, really paranoid, then you could cat /proc/net/tcp but this doesn't log.

There's also netstat -tapn but again that's only "what is connected right now".

Then there's also this article that will tell you how to log outgoing connections via iptables.

Again, this is likely not that smart of an idea, the log will be huge.

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