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I am something of a fan of artificial life / evolution simulation games. What games of this genre are available for Ubuntu?

Preferably it should be something fairly complex yet user-friendly; note that I'm not talking about Game of Life clones (too rigid for my taste).

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I don't know any personally, but a quick search only produced many.… – James Nov 28 '12 at 0:30

Critterding is a 3D physics and neural network alife simulator with a package available for Ubuntu.

Evolve4.0 isn't a linux program but runs happily through wine! (install through winefile)

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if you go to Ubuntu Software Center (the little shopping bag icon, or search for "Software" in the dash), you can search by category or keyword. Categories -> Games -> Simulation turns up a few but the pickings are slim. Many that are included in the software center are pretty weak but LinCity NG is pretty good.

Here is a list of some others that you can download. I haven't tried any of them but some look pretty slick.

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Hmm...LinCity looks outside of the scope of my search. I'm looking for something a bit more biological in theme. – Christopher Kyle Horton Nov 28 '12 at 2:14

My favorite is this java program, Biogenesis:

It's a reimplementation of an windows app, called Primordial Life. It's very fun to watch.

The only other lead I found was this list, which looks about 10 years old:

Forgive the lateness of my answer, I only found your question after searching for the same thing myself today.

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