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With the built-in webcam of my Samsung NP535U3C I have the common problem of the picture looking too dark. I can easily adjust the settings of brightness, contrast, etc. using guvcview, but I can't avoid repeating this operation every time I start a new session.

I've noticed that guvcview allows me to save the settings in a *.gpfl file. My question is: is there a way to make these settings permanent? Or alternatively, how can I make a script that loads these settings at startup?

The content of my webcam_settings.gpfl is as follows:

APP{"guvcview 1.5.3"}
# control data
#Power Line Frequency
#Backlight Compensation
#Exposure, Auto Priority
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The program guvcview uses a config file called .guvcviewrc in your home directory which controls all of the settings for guvcview. Inside you'll see in this example there is a profile path which defaults to default.gpfl

So, save your gpfl file as default.gpfl in your home directory and see if that works, if not, then change the location mentioned in the config file to where your profile file is.

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This will do the trick:

% uvcdynctrl -L webcam_settings.gpfl

You can even create this file using the same tool:

% uvcdynctrl -W webcam_settings.gpfl
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