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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my Nokia Booklet 3G (pulled out of mothballs) without any problem, or rather, the installation process has recognized all the hardware. After installation from DVD, reboot but the screen remains black and the cursor blinks. I documented and the problem seems to be the Intel GMA500 Poulsbo version ... r_overview I haven't a lot of practice, so there're some kind who has already experienced about that and would be able to explain to me how do I do specifically? I look forward to your valuable help.

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Even I am not an expert, but as I happen to have the same computer I can at elast share my knowledge..

I earlier updated from old ubuntu installation to 12.10 and I got this annoying screen problem. I happened to notice that if you go to console and then back to X, the screen is ok for some reason. So: -let the pc boot -press ctrl+alt+F1 to open console -press ctrl+F7 (or ctrl+F9) to go back to X => Hopefully you can now see screen properly!

Unfortunately you have to do this every time the pc boots.

Later on I have done a clean install of latest Ubuntu and now my screen is working without any magic.

Hope this helps!

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