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I have all this information to connect to a windows exchange server at work, but I don't know where to enter it in Remmina as it has different fields, with different names. The windows-screens give met the following.

General-tab: a computer name and A user-name consisting of probably a domainname\username
View-tab: The screen has to be set at 32bits and full-size
Local sources:tick support of smart-cards, gates, stations and other PnP.
Advanced-tab: make a connection and don't warn me. 

And when I push the settings button I have to enter the following:

Use these settings to use remote desktop. server-name: connection-method: Ask for password(NTLM). 
tick the box at don't use local addresses for remote desktop gateway-server. 
and tick the box at the bottom: use my remote desktop gateway-references for my remote computer.

I got all this info from my work to make a remote desktop connection from a windows machine. As usual they think there are no other OS users. Can you help?

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It's a blind shot, as I don't know the exact configuration of your work server, but a common problem:

In the advanced tab, on security type, choose RDP:

enter image description here

In the user field, put the domain/user pair.

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