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  1. Have a Wi-Fi network at home
  2. Have Ubuntu 12.10 installed on my laptop connected to home Wi-Fi
  3. Have an Android based cell phone connected to home WiFi

Can I play (stream) my music files stored in the cell phone via WiFi on my Rhythmbox Music Player or any other free software on my laptop?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I have already done extensive search but couldn't find solution to my requirements.

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I publish an application on Google Play called AirSong. This application lets you listen to the music you have on your device at any PC with a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera). You can find this application here:

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Have you tried VLC Direct Pro Free

It can stream music and videos (and also photos)

The description says :

  • Remote control VideoLan VLC from your Phone/Tablet (play, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, change video/song, dvd menu control, change audio tracks, change subtitle tracks, etc.)
  • Streaming from Android to Computer (Video, music and photos)
  • Its internal video player allows streaming content Computer to Android (Video, music and photos)
  • Subtitles supported
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