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I hate not seeing the command line on the software-center, and if I want to see it, I have only the console-system to install the software.

Installing a software without the name of the software is near to impossible, and with the "aptitude --full-resolver" command, it is a little boring...

Is possible to implement a command-line window in the software-center, and how do I do it?

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If you want to know the package name to install it manually, you can find it above the reviews. The command line is always sudo apt-get install <packages>. If you want to search a package without opening Ubuntu Software Center, you can use apt-cache:

$ apt-cache search firefox
firefox - Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
firefox-dbg - Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - debug symbols
firefox-dev - Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - development files
firefox-globalmenu - Unity appmenu integration for Firefox
firefox-gnome-support - Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
firefox-locale-af - Afrikaans language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ar - Arabic language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-as - Assamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ast - Asturian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-be - Belarusian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bg - Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bn - Bengali language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-br - Breton language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bs - Bosnian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ca - Catalan; Valencian language pack for Firefox

Then, you can install the packages with apt-get or aptitude. Also, synaptic has a handy interface and is faster that Ubuntu Software Center.

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