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I think this might be the most annoying question for the pros here, but I'd really like to know which version is better if I'd like a super fast start-up and processing speed. I know it rather depends on the CPU, but the OS is important too. I dont really care for the long term support since I normally re-install my system once a year. I'd just like to choose a stable and fast OS and I have been reading all sorts of things, but no one has given a proper answer to my question/doubt.

Thanks a lot.

UPDATE: if someone has already asked this, then please merge this with that post and close it. Thanks.

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use both and decide your self. I have used 12.04 and it was awesome. Then I upgraded to 12.10 and didn't find any issues. So it's up to you. – Web-E Nov 27 '12 at 10:50
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You should probably read some reviews about the two versions and decide yourself. The reviews I enjoy the most reading are those from

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