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I'm quite new to Ubuntu and want to create a backup. I'm really not sure what files and folders to include so that if I restore my system it will be as it is now. I can't seem to find good details of this anywhere. Hopefully someone could help me with this. Is it possible to backup everything as it is now so in the event of a system restore I don't have to reinstall programs and settings?

Thanks, Jason

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Most people just backup their home directory: /home/$USER/. If you want to back up the configuration files and settings, those are stored in folders and files in your home directory that start with a . (dot). Make a list of packages that you use (and PPAs) and it will be easy to reinstall all your packages should you need. Or, use the command described in this comment.

Deja Dup Backup is a great tool that comes as a default on Ubuntu. Other options include command line (rsync, rsnapshot, rdiff-backup, etc).

Finally, to backup the whole disk as an image, check out clonezilla.

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Also, in addition to what the answer psny linked to, it wouldn't hurt to create a back up of the whole /etc/ directory which stores system wide settings. If you've made some changes there, it would be helpful to have an archive to get those changes from. –  Marcin Kaminski Dec 1 '12 at 15:12
If you have any crontabs setup, then backup /var/spool/cron too. –  Ian Dunn Apr 29 at 7:08

Use Deja Dup backup. It is provided by default. Go to settings and keep only root folder (/) as "folders to include" and add media folder (/media) in "folders to ignore".

Because of this, all your programs will be backed up in case of system damage (rare) except your other drives which normally remain unaffected.

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