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I just installed 12.10 on Windows 8 Hyper-V because I have a task which needs Windows and Ubuntu simultaneously (even though I have Ubuntu dual-booted).

I need to use the webcam from Hyper-V and am unable to make Ubuntu recognise it. Cheese just shows a black screen. This is an urgent matter.

Please help.

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Hyper-V doesn't support USB devices and also the Linux support given by Microsoft for Hyper-V doesn't include the Ubuntu distribution. Hence, I feel there is no way under Hyper-V. I used VirtualBox for the same purpose.

Also, I would suggest VMware if possible as it is more stable (especially in Windows 8 in which VBox is pretty unusable for me).

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Try tracing the device through your system:

  1. Start at the Ubuntu end with any tools that can detect the webcam. Look for it in the output of lsusb (from usbutils) or just examine the output of dmesg |grep -i usb

    I'm only guessing your webcam is USB

  2. Next check the Windows end, used the device manager or other utilities to determine if the webcam is detectable.

  3. Finally check Hyper-V. You may need to enable the device in Hyper-V. I've never used Hyper-V, but I imagine it has facilities for sharing hardware that may need to be configured.

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video on USB use with Hyper-V – frayser Nov 26 '12 at 21:56
It is an integrated webcam. Windows detects it perfectly (it is the host). Ubuntu doesn't – pratnala Nov 27 '12 at 2:56

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