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Dear Fellows, I have faced a problem of installing Ubunto 12.10 on my 64-bit intel laptop and gave me this message after rebooting the device and i didnt know what to do

Windows failed to start file: \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr status: 0xc000000e application could not load. Corrupt or missing.

So can you help me please solve this problem to install it via Wubi?

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It seems to be a somewhat common error with Wubi. One of the answers in the linked question just recommends doing a reinstall or a full dual-boot installation of Ubuntu. If you can't access Windows either, then you may have to run a repair disc (boot-repair-disk, Windows repair disc, etc) to restore the MBR to factory default.

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I have tried it on wondows 7 32-bit and it worked but very slow and stucks sometimes but when i have tried it on 64-bit it is not working after rebooting so i guess it is not made for win 7 64-bit

so can you give me other solution please

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