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I had FOUR NTFS partitions on my drive. One on which Windows 7 was installed (C Drive) and the other contained my data (D Drive) (E Drive) (F drive) .

During Ubuntu installation I chose to install Ubuntu and erase my existing OS. When Ubuntu was installed, I was shocked to see no partition. All my data was gone. I must have done something wrong in selecting my option during installation.

Well I actually tried testdisk in my other pc with the hard drive. I messed up with the thing I deleted the Ubuntu and made a single partition.

Is there any way I can recover my D Drive? I don't care about the other partition I just need my pictures and videos which I captured. I have almost all computer equipment so just name it

Thanks in advance.

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You apparently installed Ubuntu on the whole harddrive, therefore deleting all the partitons that were there previously. If you have all the equipment, just repartition the drive and copy the pictures from your backup harddrive. – Martin Ueding Nov 26 '12 at 13:06
Well, Testdisk is the way to go. Why did it fail? See also here and many other questions. – Takkat Nov 26 '12 at 13:19

TestDisk can recover partitions. Use that. If partition is unreadable that is is beyond recover then you can do nothing. Data recovery depends on how much you overwritten the data.

In any case, I'm sure Ubuntu have written (overwritten?) small part of the disk so I believe you can recover some. I'm sure you messed somewhere in using testdisk. May be you tried to recover data instead of partitions. Checkout this guide on how to do that! Here is another link to help on the same using live CD All the best!

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