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I'am building simple dropdown terminal emulator application with PythonGI + GTK+3.0, I am using libkeybinder3.0 and gir1.2-keybinder3.0 packages for global keybinding these packages not available in default repository, they had special ppa. I dont want to say my users here is my ppa install my application and here is another ppa for dependencies, how can i merge these packages with my project.

Can i upload these 2 packages to my apllication's ppa, because i thought launchpad dont let you mirror packages to your ppa? Or how can i link dependencies with my package so user can install only one ppa?

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You should try the following:

According to the Launchpad's Help:

Launchpad satisfies your package's Build-Depends using:

  • the most recent versions of the packages in the PPA you're uploading to
  • all sections of the primary Ubuntu archive -- i.e. main, restricted, >- universe and multiverse
  • optionally: other PPAs in Launchpad.

Note: If you're already familiar with uploading to the Ubuntu primary archive, you should note that PPA builds do not have any build dependency restrictions, unlike a build in the primary Ubuntu archive. If you want to build the same package in the primary Ubuntu archive at a later point you may need to revise the package's component and/or pocket.

Depending on other PPAs
If you want Launchpad to satisfy your package dependencies using one or more other PPAs, follow the Edit dependencies link on your PPA or the team's overview page.

Hope will be helpful.

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But this works just for build dependencies, not for runtime dependencies, I think? – Byte Commander Dec 16 '15 at 11:37

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