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I have successfully used lubuntu-12.10-alternate-amd64.iso to PXE network install a server. But so far, I have not been able to get the desktop login installed regardless what I put in in the preseed file:

  1. tasksel tasksel/first multiselect lubuntu-desktop
  2. d-i pkgsel/include string lubuntu-desktop

Neither triggered a desktop UI install. The logs in the /var/log/installer subdirectory do not give me any clue either.

I have got around this "issue" by running a preseed/late_command or use the iso's content in conjunction with a local repository mirror.

BTW, I have noticed that the Packages.gz in the iso's universe/debian-installer/binary-amd64 doesn't have any content. Replacing it with the one in the universe/binary-amd64 and adding a Release file doesn't result a graphical UI install either. How can I "fix" the iso's content so that I can use it for a desktop install with both a burned CD and PXE network boot?

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Once you set up the TFTP server it is really straightforward with any ?-ubuntu's 12.10: two commands on the shell. Just bind/mount your TFTP server web root to the subfolder ./install/netboot in the Alternate ISO image of the OS.

If you have correctly setup Linux-based TFTP server, then:

  • Let /srv/tftp be your TFTP webroot
  • Let /path_to_image/Lubuntu.iso be your ?-ubuntu OS image file;

then just type in (as root):

mkdir /mnt/tmp
mount -oro,loop,iso9660 /path_to_image/Lubuntu.iso /mnt/tmp
mount --bind /mnt/tmp/install/netboot /srv/tftp

Reboot your client and it's done to receive the ?ubuntu OS via PXE.

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