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I was wondering if the MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 1GB card is compatible with ubuntu quantal quetzal. If it is not, suggestions are welcome.

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I believe it is as I'm running GT650M on latest version of mint. – jersten Feb 3 '13 at 4:42

Should be - see here.

Considering one myself since this card is available in silently-cooled versions from ASUS. Research indicates it's probably the most powerful silently-cooled NVIDIA card available.

Currently I'm using a GT 520 with 304.43 drivers. No issues. So I'll be going NVIDIA again.

Edit: I installed the card and everything works perfectly.

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I'm using a GT 630 with 2GB of DDR3 now with the 310.19 version driver from Nvidia. I run dual screens and all seems to work well. I would imagine you would be OK with GT 640

I must admit, I'm not sure how much of the card's capabilities are being used...I mostly run a bunch of VMware instances.

I have recently disabled 3D accleration on the VMs because I started getting a compatability warning when I started a VM and my displays are sometimes...sticky. I tested glx gears at full screen on one of my screens an got a crummy 70 fps!!! Ouch...

Maybe we could help each other figure this out? I can help you through the install process if you'd was kind of a pain.


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