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I've installed everything that is needed by Wordpress i.e. nginx 1.2.5 (built from source on /usr/local/nginx), php-fpm with other php packages and mysql via apt-get. I downloaded and extracted it in /usr/local/nginx/html/blog. I've created MySQL database for wordpress with all privileges. When I visit localhost/blog from my browser I get 500 Internal server error.

Is there any special configuration that needs to done in nginx for making Wordpress work?

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You can try Easyengine: Its a one click nginx php5-fpm mysql and wordpress (Cache Support) setup scripts for Ubuntu

More About EasyEngine:

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Try this. It's a tutorial on nginx/WordPress/Ubuntu 12.04. It should work with the latest versions of Ubuntu and WP but let me know if you encounter difficulties.

I think your problem is to do with nginx and the .htaccess file but I have no experience with nginx - only Apache - and the two work quite differently, as you can see over on Server Fault here.

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