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I am confused about how certain games can or can not be played on Ubuntu. Every sort of "Big Market" game available is not supported on Linux. However, when looking on Amazon, I stumbled across NBA 2K13 in the Linux Games section. Here is the link:

My question is, if I buy this game, can I just pop it in and it will give me installation instructions and then I can play, just like on Windows 7? Or will I have to do it some other way?

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I am not entirely sure I believe that game is really supported directly under Linux at all. Short of seeing something on the actual BOX ITSELF saying so, I would tend to assume this is probably miscategorized on Amazon.

I did some searching and was unable to find any website talking about a native Linux port of the game, only people talking about (successfully) getting it running under Wine. So, probably a miscategorization. You could ask Amazon support about this if you're really feeling hopeful, and maybe see if you could get somebody there to either actually read the box or guarantee a refund should you get it and find out that it's simply been miscategorized. That's the best advice I've got for you.

Btw: check out for a fair number of pretty cool indie games that are directly supported on Linux and easy to install - most of them can even install directly from the Software Center, once you've purchased your Bundle!

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Thanks! yes, I know about the Humble Bundle. I actually don't have Ubuntu yet though, I just bought some parts to build my first computer and am going to have Ubuntu on that as my operating system. I should have it up by next week and I'm excited! – Nick Nov 25 '12 at 20:02
Excellent! Welcome to the community; I hope you enjoy Ubuntu as much as I do. =) – Jim Salter Nov 25 '12 at 20:04

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