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I have a desktop which I installed Ubuntu 10.04.

I hibernated the desktop and have been unable to boot Ubuntu since then.

The (usb) keyboard seems deactivated and does not show any lights when I turn on the desktop.

I set a bios password and cant get beyond the prompt for password cos I cant input the password with the keyboard (so booting wont occur)

Unfortunately, I cannot boot from a USB to reinstall Ubuntu.

What can I do?

Please, I am a beginner and I am not familiar with using command terminal/lines

Apologies if this question has previously been answered (I could not find any answer to help me)


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If the keyboard isn't working in the BIOS stage then it's unlikely that the issue is being caused by the operating system.

Here are some things you might try: unplugging the computer/plugging it back in, different USB port, different keyboard. If all else fails you can pull your CMOS battery to reset your BIOS settings (hence disabling the BIOS password).

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