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I installed Japanese in the Language Support, and then I went to iBus Preferences Input Method tab, selected "Customize active input methods" and then when I click Select an input method, I can only see China. Why there's no Japanese? iBus version: 1.4.1 OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.10 DE: Gnome-shell 3

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it seems like Japanese Language Support doesn't included package ibus-anthy

  1. sudo aptitude search ibus-anthy to findout the package status.

    the out put like this

    status package-name description

    here is my output:

    enter image description here

    i, mean this package is already installed.

    p, meaning that no trace of the package exists on the system

    more information about aptitude

  2. sudo apt-get install ibus-anthy to install the input Method.

  3. Logout or restart ibus.
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