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Sometimes in gedit, when I save a text file with special characters (such as Greek characters, math notations, Chinese characters) I copy from some webpage and am about the exit gedit, it will warn me to choose a proper encoding for the special characters, and I always choose one encoding (UTF-16 seems always work in all my cases) until no more warning. But sometimes it doesn't warn, and I will think the default encoding will work.

Later when I open some text files saved this way, some text files do not show their special characters correctly, but as some nonsense. I was worried whether the special characters have been altered by gedit either during saving or opening, and can no longer be decoded correctly even by its proper decoding method when I find out what it is?

Sometimes when I open the same text file under Windows 7 with Notepad, special characters can be shown as nonsense. I wonder if opening in Notepad will alter the text files, such that I may no longer be able to read them properly when I am back to Ubuntu?

I was wondering what I can do to prevent such case from happenning?


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