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I want to create a distro from ubuntu 12.04(with relinux)

My problems:

  • I want to remove and change these parts

enter image description here

  • How to change ubuntu name and logo in Details (system setting-->Details)

How do you do this?

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Theoretically, if you had set the SYSNAME variable (relinux 0.3) or Name of the OS (relinux 0.4), it should have worked, but due to a bug either in relinux or ubiquity (not sure which to blame, the issue is kind of complex), it doesn't work.

There are 2 ways of fixing/getting around the issue:

If you want to do the second method, open /etc/lsb-release in a text editor as root (see: How do I get permissions to edit system configuration files?). You should see something similar to this:


First, backup the file (save it as /etc/lsb-release.bak, or save it in your home folder, if you don't want it to appear on the ISO), then edit it to what you want. Here's a reference of the variables:

  • DISTRIB_ID: Name of the distro
  • DISTRIB_RELEASE: Current version of the distro installed
  • DISTRIB_CODENAME: Codename of the version (if you don't have one, just use the version itself, it should work fine)
  • DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION: As it says, just a description of the OS. Ubuntu seems to like to use the "NAME VERSION" format, but you can really do whatever you want here.

Notice that you will need to surround it in double quotes (") if you use more than one word (like you can see in DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION)

Once you're done, save it (as /etc/lsb-release), and close. Now you have to tell relinux to not edit /etc/lsb-release. In relinux 0.4, make sure Generate LSB Files is not checked, and in relinux 0.3, make sure GENERATELSBRELEASE is set to N (i.e. GENERATELSBRELEASE="N").

Once that is done, run relinux, and it should work!

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