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In what circumstances (package problems, download problems, etc) does the following image appear:

enter image description here

What is the difference between clicking on the Continue button or the Partial Upgrade button and what are the steps to solve this issue when it appears.

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I can't tell you why this happens but I find that if I continue with the partial upgrade I eventually reach a level of fully upgraded and no longer get this message. I assumed I had to upgrade A before I could upgrade B but I too would like know what is going on here. – dibs Nov 22 '12 at 23:47

The Information provided on Community Help may helpful for dealing with partial upgrade:

enter image description here

During the past few Ubuntu development cycles, we've been flooded with threads asking for assistance related to issues caused by careless usage of the "Partial Upgrade" feature of Update Manager, which hinted to a poor understanding of package management and the way updates happen in the development branch.

In an effort to help with this situation, this document aims to clarify what a Partial Upgrade is, and why, in most cases, you'll want to avoid it.

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