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I can open a terminal and wget it, or paste it into a web browser, but is there a way to do this from within unity?

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but is there a way to do this from within unity?


But you can try steadyflow Install steadyflow download manger it will detect link from clipboard

Install via the software center

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Great! Is there any documentation for this? – Yotam Nov 24 '12 at 18:07

Install gpaste

Then write a bash file (I put mine on the desktop)

    cd ~/Desktop
    gpaste get 0 | (read link; wget $link;)

allow it to be an executable.

Create a launcher on your desktop and edit it with gedit so that it looks something like this:

    [Desktop Entry]

If your link was the last thing you copied this should download the file and paste it on the desktop.

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I think, FlareGet would be an ideal choice for you as

FlareGet is a full featured, multi-threaded and multi-segment download manager and accelerator


But the free version in Ubuntu software center does not support "Browser integration", you need to pay $10 to get browser integration plugin. I guess without browser integration, download manager won't make sense.

So here is the workaround to get Browser integration for Firefox. I have tested it on Firefox 18 and it works like a charm.

  • Just go to Firefox > Tools > Add ons > Extensions.
  • Search for addon "FlashGot", install it and Restart the Firefox.
  • Go to Tools > Add ons > Extension > Preferences for FlashGot.
  • On General tab, choose FlareGet as download manager and check the check-box against "Show in Context Menu"
  • On FlashGot Media tab, choose FlareGet as download manager and check the check-box against "Show Toolbar button".
  • Now restart the Firefox. FlashGot will act as Firefox integration plugin for FlareGet.

Just right click any downloadable link and choose FlareGet.

If you want you download video from YouTube just play the video, an icon will appear on right most side of the tile bar. Just click on that icon and FlareGet will capture and download the video.

I love Firefox so this is enough for me. Something similar can be worked out for Chrome.

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