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I'm running Lubuntu 12.10. I've installed apparmor-profiles. I uninstalled the Chromium browser have the latest Chrome stable in its place. Now I'm trying to learn a little about Apparmor profiles. When I enter sudo aa-status in a terminal, I see, in part, the following:

[06:58 PM] ~ $ sudo aa-status  
[sudo] password for vasa1:   
apparmor module is loaded.  
43 profiles are loaded.  
20 profiles are in enforce mode.  

and, a little further down:

23 profiles are in complain mode.

My question is this: why do I have entries relating to the Chromium browser showing up? Are they of any use?

Will they go away if I delete just /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.chromium-browser? And is it benefical in anyway to delete that profile (assuming I have no intention of installing the Chromium browser in future).

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No use without chromium installed, but no benefit to delete them either.

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