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Is it possible to set up lightdm to hibernate after, for example, 5 minutes without human activity? Only in LightDM without this behaviour after login? I whant to be able just logout to lightdm by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and it would hibernate after timeout automatically instead of power off or hibernate my computer.

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You could do this, but it won't be simple. First you can setup a script that runs when lightdm starts the display. Since it restarts the display when you logout, you'd write a small script that has a 5 minute timer in it that hibernates after a 5 minute delay. You'd set lightdm.conf to run this script by editing the config file like so:

You could then have a second script that lightdm runs when starting a user session that would cancel the timer. You set that in lightdm.conf as follows:

As for the contents of those scripts, they could be simple. would be something like this, although you'd need to do the parts after the "touch" line in a second script that ran in the background:

touch /tmp/hibernate_timer
sleep 300
if [ -f /tmp/hibernate_timer ];
  echo "5 minutes is up, hibernating"
  pmi action hibernate
  echo "hibernation cancelled"

The script would simply remove the hibernate_timer file so that it doesn't hibernate:

rm -f /tmp/hibernate_timer

Now the theory here in my answer is sound, but I've not tried those scripts and like I mention above, the script needs to fork off a second script so that the sleep doesn't block. I'm sure there's also a better way to do this (using the command at is worth a look), but the hook-up points to lightdm would be the same.

Good Luck!

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Beautiful! Big thanx! I'll try it! – Speranskiy Jan 13 '13 at 12:11
it hangs up lightdm after reboot and after logout, I can see just blackscreen, but after hibernating that works perfect lightdm starts normal. I'll try to find errors in log-file. – Speranskiy Jan 20 '13 at 7:12

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