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It is hopeless...

I planned to write here my success story, for future reference, I can only write my despair.

Here is for the hardware: brand new shuttle XS36V, Full-HD screen on DVI port, 4Gb of ram in the belly.

And for the software:

  • Monday, install of 12.10 i386 desktop failed: as soon as the install scripts dare to leave the console-mode, it either crash or turn black
  • Tuesday, install of 12.10 i386 server failed: network hardware not recognized !? can't go further...
  • Wednesday, install of 12.04.1 i386 desktop failed: well, install succeed (network was perfectly recognized !, screen was 2D and lower resolution but working) until I tried to install the proprietary driver "Cedar Trail drm driver in DKMS format". As the progress-bar reached 100%, I got another black screen (at reboot, even grub menu is blacked out)...

Tomorrow I'll try 12.04 server. The day after, I'll put this crap on e-bay. Tonight, I'll go to bed early...

Unless one could cast a light on the way I can handle Ubuntu 12.10 on a cedar-trail

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