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How do I backup my system so that if I do backup today, tomorrow when I recover it it's totally the same as yesterday? I mostly care bout system itself, programs and documents are not that important but still would be nice to keep programs+settings for them. I need it in case I do something dumb: purge needed package, mess up linux-headers, repository, tweak registry and fail and so on.


  • messed up with XConf and it's not working.
  • used gconf-editor, did some changes and forgot where I did them, gconf-editor doesn't have undo or "don't save" feature, so I am wondering what the hell did I change?
    and so on.
  • and so on, one more thousand stupid mistakes of a guy who is noob at Ubuntu but likes it and wants to become pro :)
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Well, the best way in the sense that you will copy everything, is to make a bit a bit image of your disk. This has the big disadvantage that, even if you zip it, it will take a lot of space.

Better than explaining this myself, check how to do it using "dd" in this link.

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