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I have recently gone through this issue. I am running Lubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox .So when I have maximized and if I would like switch to next window of main system usually we all do ALT+TAB but thats not getting for main system and going for Vbox's Lubuntu .

So how can i get activated main system ALT+TAB functionality even i have a maximized VirtaulBox operating system .

Thank you .

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  1. Enter into virtual-box

  2. Press the Host key.

    • The default Host key is the right Ctrl key.
    • On MacOS the default the the right Command key.
    • The previous version of this answer listed the Alt key.
  3. NowALT + TABshould work.

Regarding the Host key from Virtual Box Manual Ch. 1

To return ownership of keyboard and mouse to your host operating system, VirtualBox reserves a special key on your keyboard for itself: the "host key". By default, this is the right Control key on your keyboard; on a Mac host, the default host key is the left Command key. You can change this default in the VirtualBox Global Settings, see Section 1.15, “Global Settings”. In any case, the current setting for the host key is always displayed at the bottom right of your VM window, should you have forgotten about it:

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This is not entirely correct. It looks like you want to press the "Host" key. In the case of those who up-voted this, their host key must have been one of the Alt keys. For me, it's the Right Ctrl key. ron.shoutboot.com/2010/09/11/alt-tab-out-of-virtualbox –  djensen47 Jan 22 at 4:13

My solution: VirtualBox: File -> Preferences -> Input -> uncheck "Auto Capture Keyboard"

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This is a great solution when you're working with only one application in seamless mode. Thanks! –  Brandon Bertelsen Dec 20 '14 at 21:52

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