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I was a happy user of byobu for many months. I was running it between two Ubuntu 11.10 machines and I never had a problem with window sizes. From my laptop I would connect through ssh to my workstation, run byobu and then I could resize the terminal and byobu would always fill all the possible space.

Since I upgraded to 12.10 this does not work properly anymore. In the laptop I can resize it up to a maximum size (which I assume is connected to the size of the original terminal where I run byobu in the workstation), but if I try to make it bigger I get something like:

I have tried F12+F and F12 :fit in order to try and resize the window, but I get no changes .

Anybody knows how to solve this?

Ángel de Vicente

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I think this problem only happens with the default backend (tmux). I have no changed to the screen backend and I can resize to whatever size I want without any problems. – Angel de Vicente Nov 21 '12 at 10:48

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