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I would like to use my laptop as an Access point, so that i can connect my phones through Wifi. I have done this my office laptop T410. I am having T61 with wifi module 4965. Connectify on windows does not support it. I am following these instructions to make achieve WAP capability on my T61 running ubuntu 10.10.

The link says something about "master mode", how do i put my T61 wifi-inter4965 in master mode. Can I install madwifi or atheros drivers on it? I am using galaxy S froyo, and it does not support Ad-hoc network. Has anyone tried to achieve this?

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It appears that the current driver for the Intel 4965 Wireless card does not support Master (AP) mode,

However, it appears there is work on this. It is an issue of the Linux kernel (where the driver is now developed) to get support for AP Mode.

As a workaround for now you could get an inexpensive USB Wireless dongle that does support AP Mode. They cost between $10-$20.

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