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I installed from cd a fresh ubuntu server 12.10 (FYI: amd64)

I need ubuntu-desktop. So I did run as per doc.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

I keep getting unable to locate ubuntu-desktop the same message for vim-full and phpmyadmin and other packages.

ping www.google.com works fine

tasksel works fine and can upload and update

Any idea ?

do I need something in /etc/apt/services.list ? if so please specify full line(s)

the exact message is:

E: Unable to locate package   packageName

where packageName is any package, the one I wanted at first are either:


Then I tested with other packages it gives the same message.

I did already what you are suggesting e.g.

sudo apt-get update

and even the : sudo apt-get upgrade.

It does not work.

I cannot cat the sources.list I have no KDE (I'll have to type it).

No need anyway It's a Fresh install on a fresh PC from a fresh download from ubuntu.com burned on a CD.

The thing is the standard sources.list is missing something and the question is what are those deb and deb-src entries that are missing.

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Do you have the CD still inside? Maybe what you are getting with apt-get update is the CD contents. Can you install for example the bind9 package? This package should be in the CD. –  Davisein Nov 28 '12 at 16:45

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