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Since I have upgraded (no clean install) from Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10, particular graphical aspects are slow:

  • Scrolling is really slow: for example in a terminal window, gedit or a browser
  • Compiz animations: in particular the window picker (SUPER + W)

This issue is not so much present shortly after start up but becomes progressively worse as the system is on. Furthermore, connecting an external monitor (and use that as the only monitor) seems worsen the problem. Top indicates that Xorg consumes a significant amount of CPU resources when graphical performance is poor: from 15% up to even 50% for very short periods of time. This is more than before the upgrade.

My laptop has a Nvidia 8600M video card. I have upgraded the Nvidia proprietary to the latest version (310.14). The release notes claim significant performance improvements in Unity but unfortunately this is not the case on my system. Restarting unity by doing 'unity --replace' from a terminal seems to solve the problem temporarily.

Any clues as to what might cause this problem? Or perhaps any ideas on howto to investigate this issue more thoroughly?

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