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I thought this site could be useful but maybe I was wrong, or maybe I can't use it well (it's more likely!). Somebody can post a guide of how use properly this site? (I'm italian)

But is more importantly my issue: when I had Ubuntu 8.04 on this Notebook Asus 1015 px, the combo FN + F7 worked since I formatted it the first time. From then FN + F7 don't work and I could not turn off anymore my LCD. It was a useful option for save energy on battery when I took notes at university! Now I have Ubuntu 12.10. It's possibile solve this problem? I no longer believe now, internet researches have been a waterhole!

Thanks a lot, Dimix!

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You can try setting a shortcut in keyboard settings. Go to System Settings > Keyboard and click on the Shortcuts tabs. Click on Custom Shortcuts and then click on the + (plus) symbol. Give the shortcut a name and in the command section add

xset dpms force off

This command switches the LCD off until you move the mouse or press a key, just like when the laptop is left idle.

Now here is the bit that may or may not work: Click on your new shortcut where it says Disabled and press your key combination FN + F7. Hopefully it will recognise the combination and FN + F7 will now execute the command to switch the LCD off.

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Ehi user109555, thank you so much for your answer! Unfortunately, this procedure did not work! I had already tried in the past and again now. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks a lot anyway –  Dimix Nov 20 '12 at 21:20

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