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In many cases Windows programs run ok in Wine, but there is still the annoying problem of their appearance.

How to make things look better in Wine, especially fonts?

P.S. feel free to edit this question in order to specify other aspects that could be improved beside fonts

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The solution below is to be considered in the context of the progress made by playonlinux - which now is very much able to provide out of the box, at least for the programs considered when this answer was first posted, like foobar2000, the needed tweaks for best GUI appearance of Wine applications.

  • The most important improvement concerning fonts is to enable font smoothing - fire one after the other these lines in Terminal:
wget http://files.polosatus.ru/winefontssmoothing_en.sh

bash winefontssmoothing_en.sh

select third option in terminal - with the arrows, then use tab key to select ok and 'enter'

enter image description here

(source here)

  • For a better system appearance install a windows msstyle file in winecfg (Wine/Configure Wine/Desktop Integration) like "Luna", or "Royale".

enter image description here

  • Increase the screen resolution in winecfg (Wine/Configure Wine/Graphics), which will make general details (including fonts) larger (if that's what you need: on my laptop appearance details of wine programs are too small by default)

enter image description here

But the images above are taken after enabling font smoothing. That is the most important action, as I was able to test. As I had to reinstall Wine at some point, I also had to restart all procedures here. Using all the other solutions (including installing all fonts as suggested in Shauna's answer - which is very advisable, and to be considered as a part of the solution to this question) -- with the exception of font smoothing, Foobar2000 looked like so:

enter image description here

After font smoothing:

enter image description here

Important: Changing settings in winecfg may reset font smoothing, so it is better to run that in the end, or re-enable it when fonts seem ugly.

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How do you select the Luna theme? –  Sparhawk Oct 29 '13 at 1:38
@Sparhawk - After downloading the msstyle file and installing it, select it from under 'Theme' - look to the image –  cipricus Oct 29 '13 at 12:43
Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant from where do you get the file. I wasn't sure if it was downloaded (I couldn't find it anyway) or from a Windows installation disk, etc. –  Sparhawk Oct 29 '13 at 12:52
@Sparhawk - look for an xp theme and in the archive look for the msstyles file - to download go to softpedia or something - Royale theme here. you might also look into other xp themes –  cipricus Oct 29 '13 at 14:23
did anyone ever figure out how to enlarge the fonts on the GUI? I could make the dialog box fonts larger, but was never able to get the GUI DPI setting any higher./ –  Kalamalka Kid Mar 28 '14 at 9:40

First of all... This section helped me configure Wine to get the right appearance for Photoshop CS6.

Sometimes winetricks allfonts doesn't work very well. Occasionally you may receive errors on the SHA1 sum for some fonts if they are updated and not yet reflected in the winetricks script.

The current winetricks version in the repos for the Droid Font points to http://android.git.kernel.org which is currently down due to hackers so:

sudo gedit /usr/bin/winetricks

Look for something like this:

# See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droid_(font)

And change DROID_URL around line 6867 to:


I also had to change the SHA1 sum for font "Droid Sans Fallback" located around line 6059 to:

do_droid DroidSansFallback.ttf     "Droid Sans Fallback"     2f8a266389a8e22f68f402b775731eec6b760334

If you receive any other error find the offending "font-name" and calculate the new SHA1 and amend the value in winetricks:

cd ~/.cache/winetricks/font-folder
sha1sum font-name
sudo gedit /usr/bin/winetricks

And change the value with new calculation!

This tip works with Elementary OS too. But you need to change gedit and use scratch-text-editor.

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Make sure to install the fonts:

winetricks allfonts

Font issues are generally due to the program using TrueType fonts that don't come with Linux or Wine. Installing them via Winetricks (which comes with current versions of Wine), should solve your font problem.

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