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I've been given a form to fill out as a PDF. It is not a fillable PDF, it's just a file that I'm expected to print out, fill in by hand, and scan back in. Is there something available in the software center that will let me type text on top of a PDF?

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Try Inkscape. – Martin Schröder Nov 21 '12 at 9:33
See – Martin Schröder Nov 21 '12 at 9:35
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Lots of resources on the web recommend pdfedit but that's not available in the latest ubuntu. xournal works perfectly for this.

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requires both GIMP and Krita but it does work

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Some time ago I spent lots of time trying them all and see which one was best for my need and easy fast to learn.

I strongly advise you to try PDF-XChange Viewer over wine, it runs smoothly and will probably do all you need. Here are some tips.

A review of other PDF editors, XChange included

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(I really hate when people answer as a comment, so I'm going to list Inkscape here as an alternative and flag the comment.)

Typically I prefer inkscape to gimp (Gimp is very clunky to use), but both are limited to a single page at a time. Thus if you have more than one page to edit, you'll need a tool like pdf-Shuffler to recombine the individual pdf files.

This limitation is why I decided to look for another editor, and am happy to report that John Baber's answer of using xournal worked well for me.

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