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![enter image description here][1]I recently saved my svn passwords in KDEwallet now everytime I update from svn or commit it asks me for kde password.

How do I either remove the completely the KDEwallet or atleast the svn password from KDE.

I tried using command line kdewalletmanager but it says kdewalletmanager: command not found

I cannot upload a image here as I am new here ,,, here is the image url http://s12.postimage.org/htkzh8qzx/Untitled.gif

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You can remove kwalletmanager with

sudo apt-get purge kwalletmanager

note: its kwalletmanager not kdewalletmanager

If you want to disable it, just open it and go to Settings > Configure Wallet and uncheck the "Enable the KDE wallet subsystem" box

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posting an image could be more helpful :D –  Raja Nov 20 '12 at 14:44
@ican I have attached screen shot above that I get when using svn –  Roshan Nov 22 '12 at 5:08

Following disabling kdewallet. Open and edit ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc as shown below.


[Auto Allow]

[Auto Deny]
kdewallet="Google Chrome"

Launch Manager=false
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