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I'm using Ubuntu 12.10, and have a Zantel modem (model: Huawei ec122) which is a cdma modem. I have been trying to connect to the internet but every time it loads it says "network disconnected"

Does anyone know a simple solution to this? I would prefer a GUI solution, as I'm not very good at using the terminal.

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I have the Huawei hilink e3131 (not sure how similar this modem is) and have more or less the same problem on ubuntu 12.10. First up though you should check if you have usb-modeswitch installed. You can do this my searching in ubuntu software centre. If not you should install that and the usb-modeswith data package and see if your modem works. If these are installed and it still does not work you could try my next steps.

My work around (this is not perfect) is the following.

  1. Check if the modem shows up in the network manager (under edit connections) as a wired connection (this may show up as wired connection 1 or autoethernet)
  2. If yes delete the connection
  3. Restart your computer
  4. After restart plug in you modem (you may get an unable to mount error message here but ignore)
  5. Check you network connections and you should see a Huawei listed (this may take a minute) and click on it to connect and you should be able to work away.
  6. What I have to do on my machine is to delete the connection every time I shut down my computer so as that modem will connect next time I start up.

Good luck & Hope this helps.

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