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I hear that XMMS1 is not available in Ubuntu anymore (what does that mean exactly?), but in Synaptic I see a lot of stuff related to XMMS2 (By the way, what's the difference?). I have installed these but now cannot seem able to start it. How to use XMMS? Is there a GUI form of it, like it appears here and here?

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This cross-platform Unix player was not further developed to meet requirements of newer version of Ubuntu and was thus removed from the repositories.


The presently available version of a similar music player.

Install via the software center


This is a Gtk2 graphical frontend for XMMS2.

Install via the software center


An alternative lightweight and skinnable musice player initially forked from XMMS.

Install via the software center

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Here are the official instructions on the XMMS2 wiki.

Take a look at the list of clients here on the same wiki. Abraca, for example, can be installed via sudo apt-get install abraca and will load other dependencies, including xmms2 itself. Nice and easy.

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As I have found here, "one of its main developers rewrote the player, as the XMMS2, which is actively developed and present in official packages".

There is an XMMS2 GUI called promoe

(apt links to xmms2 and promoe at the above address)

To install skins (see here):

"Promoe can be configured to use Winamp Classic skins. Skins are toggled within the 'Theme settings' menu feature. To install new skins: Go to the directory /home/user/.config/xmms2/clients/ (If using a file browser, you may need to adjust the settings so that hidden files are shown. Create a new folder called 'promoe' and an additional folder within ../promoe/ called 'skins'. Any new skins can now be extracted into their own respective folders within /home/user/.config/xmms2/clients/promoe/skins/ "

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