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Can someone please let me know how can I increase internet speed on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine?

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Hi Simy, can you provide more information about your problem, you mention extreme slow in the title but there is explanation about it in your question. The more effort you put on your question, the more effort the answer will have and the more focus you will get on your question. – Luis Alvarado Nov 20 '12 at 14:25

0) How many computer are in your Home Network?

1) Try to disconect the other computers and check if internet is faster. Faster) Other computers are the problem of your internet speed: Try to enable QoS on your router.... 1) Continue reading..

1) Are you using wifi? Check the Wifi coverage and speed: Open a terminal and write "iwconfig". Check the "Bit Rate=" value: it's your top speed. If it's lower than your internet speed try to be closer to the router, launch "iwconfig" again and check again if you wireless connection increase the "BitRate" and your internet conections goes faster, you must put the wireless router closer than you. If always goes slower and your BitRate is OK (check your wireless tech specs, normally 54Mbps is the Wifi top speed). Maybe you have a problem with the wireless card drivers at your computer, but ... continue reading. If your wifi haven't a password or it's the default password provided by the vendor/ISP or use WEP, try to change it to WPA/WPA2 with a strong password. Your neighbours might be connected to your wifi consuming the bandwidth.

2) Make sure your computer is not consuming bandwidth with other tasks/processes. Open a terminal and launch: bwm-ng to monitor your network interfaces. (You could press the "u" key and after it the "d" key, to show the Mbps). If the interfaces are consuming bandwith you have more processes consuming bandwidth. (You can quit bwm-ng with "q" key). Try to close all the browsers, and other programs that use network and try again. If problem continues, but sometime later you internet connection goes faster, maybe the update manager was downloading the updates (it could take some minutes)

3) Check if there is a problem on your ISP. On the terminal write mtr You could see the "jumps" to get (google DNS). If you lost packages on your first "jump"/line (the connection between the router and your computer) may be you have connectivity problems, check your wifi configuration or your wire. If it losses lots of packages in other jump: call your ISP, they have a problem.

4) Pay a better connection.

5) ....

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Too generic issue.

Describe in details, try to do a few downloads using wget or curl, see the download speed ( works too). Also dnsmasq may also cause problems.

Based on your description, no one can fix it. Please give more details.

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You can use bwm-ng to view the bandwidth usage. – xkill Feb 12 '13 at 8:03

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