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I downloaded AdbeRdr9.5.1-1_i386linux_enu.deb from the official website and installed it. Nothing wrong happened during the installation. But when I click Adobe Reader's icon, it has no response. Neither can I open a pdf file with Adobe Reader.

I checked that the package name is adobereader-enu:i386.

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First Install ia32-libs package from ubuntu-software-center, then reinstall adobe reader.

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It works! Thanks a lot. – updogliu Nov 20 '12 at 8:00
This was a wonderful answer. Thanks. The error is misleading and makes one think that libxml2 isn't installed. It was on my system, but not the ia32-libs package. – octopusgrabbus Nov 24 '12 at 21:47

if you have a 64bit system, do not forget to install also this package libxml2:i386

sudo apt-get install libxml2:i386

Otherwise, acroread will fail

acroread: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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