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I am trying to create a KVM vm running quantal, but its ending badly.

These are the parameters I am passing...

sudo ubuntu-vm-builder kvm quantal          \
    --arch 'amd64'                  \
    --mem '4096'                    \
    --rootsize '6000'               \
    --optsize '6000'                \
    --swapsize '2048'               \
    --kernel-flavour 'virtual'              \
    --hostname "$hostname"              \
    --domain 'shm'                  \
        --destdir "$hostaname"              \
        --name 'Gideon Ravenor'             \
    --user 'someuser'               \
    --pass 'somepassword'               \
    --components 'main,universe,restricted'     \
        --libvirt 'qemu:///system'          \
        --addpkg 'acpid'                \
        --addpkg 'openjdk-7-jdk'            \
        --addpkg 'openssh-server'           \
        --addpkg 'avahi-daemon'             \
    --addpkg 'linux-virtual'            \
    --addpkg 'squid-deb-proxy-client'       \
    --addpkg 'unattended-upgrades'          \
    --addpkg 'acpid'                \
    --addpkg 'puppet'               \
    --proxy 'http://sky:8000/ubuntu'        \

These are the errors that I am getting...

E: Couldn't download packages: busybox-initramfs initscripts isc-dhcp-client liblocale-gettext-perl libpam-modules locales python3 python3-minimal ubuntu-keyring

Any ideas?

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